cottage and barn conversation
Buildings talk to one another. It can be very subtle, so you need to be a good listener. Sometimes they mimic each other, other times they contradict, and sometimes they concede to one another. Like humans they tend to see what they have in common before the banter begins, and the script gets written. Some time ago, a previous owner forced an addition onto this modest Cape Cod cottage to satisfy the need for more space. In effect, it became two buildings that were positioned too close and lacked both scale and proportion toward one another. They had nothing in common save the standard issue seaside shingle siding. Once locked in proper conversation though, they now respond in a locally accepted dialect. The front cottage has become the introduction, and the rear tall structure is now the postscript, with a wonderful story unfolding in between of house meets barn. The original tall house in the rear boasted a second floor, but the space was tight and lacked a full bathroom. By introducing a new gambrel roof above, the “new” bedrooms gained headroom and became light-filled and livable. The new bathroom, although small, achieved the much-needed shower. To enhance this house/barn dialog, the appropriate response was the addition of the gambrel roof for the front portico on the front house. Two cupolas, one on each structure, broadcast their bond. The siding on the rear tall house or barn is now covered with white board and batten siding. It is a statement of their independence, despite all of the new consistent up-fits. On the interior, wood paneling is introduced to all surfaces. It’s warmth and character are commanding. It’s the beachy preamble to all of the rooms that are smartly decorated to remind you where you are and how to interact. This is vacation land for friends and family. It’s time to relax and let the conversations flow.